Put Color back into Productivity and Reduce Costs

New color multifunction systems allow businesses to create color documents quickly and cost-effectively.  These systems print, copy and scan in brilliant color, equipping you with the tools to create, duplicate, and store your creations.
Make sure you’re staying ahead of the curve by investing in a color-enabled MFP.  Enjoy the same function and added benefit of professional color for about the same investment as a black-and-white system. Compared to ink jet or laser printers, a color-enabled MFP allows you to print, copy, and scan in full color at faster speeds for a fraction of the cost. Digital copiers also produce high-resolution copies with more clarity and detail than analog copiers.

Color ink jet printers are actually the most expensive color output devices to operate.  As high profit items, ink jet cartridges are now the focus of most office supply stores’ advertising.  Similarly, color laser printers are inexpensive to purchase but also have a high cost of operation.
Multifunction systems operate on low cost-per-page agreements that include supplies, preventative maintenance, and on-site service.  The net result is lower output costs. 
Considering the facts, will you put color back into productivity?