Wide format printers represent one of the largest growth areas in the printing industry. Diverse options, personal branding, and increased business margins make the trend quite appealing.

Benefits of Wide Format Printers to Improved Technology

The increases in wide format printing coupled with the advances in technology have enhanced the value of using the device for your large print needs. Recognized as an innovative method offering multiple options for oversized format projects, benefits include:

  • Product use diversity. These devices reduce the need to outsource all varieties of large print jobs. With graphic needs in mind, they meet nearly any print needs.
  • Speed. Bi-directional printing directed by four print heads enables documents to print quickly. The majority of wide format printers are capable of producing ten or more large and detailed posters within an hour.
  • Droplet technology. This system generates myriad pixels per square inch that are virtually indistinguishable. The sharp graphic sequences are as detailed as a photo.
  • Capability of distinguishing between text and graphics. You can read any text in your document, especially the fine print.

Saves Money and Time

This type of machine enables you to print in-house, decreasing costs and increasing the workflow process. The results are professional looking documents and materials that promote successfully your company.

Meeting Business Printing Needs

Wide format printers are a useful and ideal investment for your business, particularly if you print posters and brochures. In fact, they are a part of a greater strategy to broaden the services your company provides.