It’s popular to say your company is “going green,” but sometimes the phrase doesn’t mean much. With managed print services, you can put real results behind your environmental responsibility goals. And you might be surprised how easy and beneficial environmental consciousness truly is: companies often don’t realize the print consumables waste that happens every day in their office. Managed print services is the solution to this waste, and helps save money and the environment.

Reduced Waste

The first step in reducing waste in any budget is to track usage. Many print supplies are unnoticed in even the most careful budgets, especially because they are difficult to track with older machines that are unmanaged. With managed print services, you’ll be able to predict consumables needs and eliminate costly waste.

Less Power Consumption

Many companies don’t notice the drain of power used by obsolete printers, fax machines, and scanners littering their offices. Newer models can consolidate these devices into a few energy efficient machines.

Lower Costs

Ultimately, finding ways to reduce waste and manage resources isn’t just good citizenry, it’s good business. With managed print services, you’ll find ways that your business can save money while reducing your environmental impact.

With C.A. Reding, you can reach your company’s green goals. A green office is an efficient office and with the benefits attached to environmental responsibility, there’s no reason to wait. Contact us today to start earning your Green Office Certification. You’ll save money and reduce your company’s impact on the environment.