With RICOH Always Current Technology, the capabilities of your devices can grow with you. Instead of purchasing a brand new printer/copier to gain the latest functions, you can activate desired features and download applications and upgrades as you need them. In this resource guide, you’ll learn why this technology is beneficial and crucial to the work-place.

What is RICOH Always Current Technology?

On select new RICOH MFPs and printers, RICOH Always Current Technology allows you to update your device software easily to enjoy benefits of latest functionalities, technologies, and features, regardless of when you purchased the device.

Why RICOH Always Current Technology?

Copiers, printers, and MFP’s are essential for any business. With work styles and technology evolving so rapidly, our customers are constantly seeking for improvements – new functions and enhancements to help improve productivity and efficiency in the office.

Advantages of RICOH Always Current Technology

Now, with RICOH Always Current Technology, devices can respond rapidly to ensure that your printing, copying, and scanning requirements remain agile and meet your business needs.

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