Most businesses can rely on the scanner on their multifunction printer (MFP). But for some companies, a standalone scanner can get the job done faster and more efficiently. If you’re not sure what camp you fall into, we can help you make the right decision.

As a general rule, an MFP will do if you’re not scanning something that specifically needs a standalone printer. An MFP is also often a better option than purchasing a single-function printer and a standalone printer. For some offices, a multifunction printer and a standalone scanner are both necessary. It all comes down to how much and what you scan.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Find your scanning “profile” below to read our recommendation on the best equipment for the job. Whether you’re a regular scanner or an infrequent scanner, there’s a perfect combination of office equipment to help you stay efficient and cost-effective.

  1. I scan a large volume of multipage documents on a regular basis. If you’re a regular scanner of large documents, you’ll want to invest in a document scanner. Although MFPs have automatic document feeders and some excellent features, a document scanner will provide simultaneous double-sided scanning and fast results.
  2. I scan photographic prints, fine art, and detailed art. If you work with photographs or art, a standalone scanner is your best bet for high-quality and close color fidelity. Find a model that offers at least 1,200 pixel-per-inch resolution for best results.
  3. I scan transparencies (slides or negatives). A film of flatbed photo scanner is the best option for someone who scans transparencies. These options can be purchased with a transparency adaptor that allows you to work with your slides or negatives.
  4. I scan short documents most days in the office. For most office scanning at a lower volume, a multifunction printer is an excellent choice. Find a model that includes an automatic document feeder for added convenience and time saving.

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