Our lives seem to be run on computers now, and yet many businesses are stuck in paper-based processes. Is your business keeping up with the times?

Why Document Management?

There may be financial, technical, and operational barriers preventing you from implementing an electronic document management system (EDMS), but there are advantages that trump the difficulties. Here’s an overview of why an EDMS is an essential part of the 21st-century business.

  1. Edit with ease. With version control and full document history, document management makes it easy to create and edit documents. You can view and work with documents in their native format such as Word or Excel, and still store them securely in your document management system.
  2. Ramp up collaboration. Everyone knows that getting the job of reconciling document changes is the short end of the stick on a team project. With document management, edits and comments can be added simultaneously.
  3. Speed things up. Document workflows can be expedited through document management using automation. Your EDMS can push a document all the way through its lifecycle with ease.
  4. Share things electronically (without email). Email is an unstructured and often temporary way to share and save documents. With a document management system, everyone who you give access can see, edit and use the most up-to-date documents.
  5. Improved security and control. EDMS access control is an excellent way to keep your documents safe from unauthorized viewing or editing.
  6. Reliable backups. With regular backups, you won’t be worried about losing crucial company information or client records.
  7. Lower costs. Document management can help you save time that is a significant part of a healthy bottom line. Also, document management helps you go paperless, saving printing costs such as paper, ink, and printer maintenance.