You know from experience that employees make or break a company. Keeping an employee happy, productive, and satisfied in the workplace isn’t an easy task, though, and sometimes both employee and employer don’t realize the toxic environment of their office.

There are many reasons for job dissatisfaction, but poor team environment ranks very high. In fact, according to Forbes, micromanagement, unpleasant co-workers, and lack of confidence in leadership all rank in the top ten reasons that people hate their jobs. These are all often symptoms of employee and employer problems.

Common Problems in the Workplace

Here are two of the most common employee issues, as well as some steps that could help ease the tension.

1. Passive-Aggressive “Problem-Solving”

This is a common issue in many areas, even beyond the workplace. Many individuals think they’re more polite by pointing out issues in a roundabout way, hinting at things that bother them or wording requests in an intentionally insulting way. But confronting problems head-on is always a better policy, especially since there are so many issues that result from simple miscommunications or misunderstandings. Business managers, be sure to encourage your team to communicate grievances and concerns openly.

2. Poor Communication (i.e. the Office-Wide Email)

This behavior is linked closely to passive-aggressive behavior, but it’s often because of a lack of communication skill. A good example is the notorious office-wide email. Perhaps an employee is frustrated with co-workers misusing company office equipment. It’s not uncommon for an employee to huff to their computer and send out a “to whom it may concern” email that only hurts relationships in the office. Better communication between co-workers, team leads, and bosses can save working relationships.

This only scratches the surface, of course, but passive-aggression and poor communication are two of the biggest workplace problems. Encourage your team to communicate clearly and avoid passive aggression, and be sure to demonstrate these qualities yourself.