You’ve eliminated inefficiencies across your organization, but operating costs are still higher than you’d like.

One area that many companies overlook is their print environment. To find out if yours is bloated and a source of cost overruns, read on.

A Proven Solution

Did you know that many companies spend up to 3% of annual revenues on print-related costs without even realizing it? With no mechanism in place to keep track of expenses and no one person or department to manage everything, it’s easy for costs to remain hidden.

Reduce Operating Costs

Managed Print Services can help reduce printing costs by as much as 30% with solutions like:

  • Proactive device maintenance to reduce costly downtimes and emergency repairs.
  • Automatic supply reordering to eliminate the need for supply inventories and the associated administrative costs.
  • Fleet optimization to improve workflows, eliminate redundant devices, and get more from your print environment.
  • Budget predictability and flexibility with one monthly invoice for all print-related costs.

Who’s Managing Things Now?

Printers demand to be managed, and the job often falls to your already-overburdened IT or administrative personnel.

When IT teams are forced to spend their time responding to paper jams and error codes, they’re not able to give their attention to core business needs.

Administrative assistants are often the go-to person assigned to keep toner and paper inventories stocked, but with plenty of other work to do, it’s often not their highest priority. With no time to devote to researching the best vendors and suppliers, it’s no wonder you’re spending too much.

By outsourcing to Managed Print Experts, your staff can spend their time on mission-critical duties and projects, and you’ll finally say good riddance to print-related cost overruns.

To find out how to reduce your company’s printing costs even further, contact us at C.A. Reding for a Managed Print Assessment today!