Document management has proven its value over the years to be one of the most effective tools for an organization to have when it comes to data backup, document retrieval, and effective document sharing. There are still a few myths out there about document management that C.A. Reding is ready to debunk!
Five top myths about document management debunked:
  1. Small Companies Don’t Need Document Management.
    When implemented correctly, document management has proven to be effective for all business types and sizes. Document management gives the smaller businesses the tools to perform on the same level as the large multibillion-dollar businesses without the high price. As your company grows and expands so does your document management system.
  2. If Your Computer Breaks Down, You Will Lose All Of Your Documents Unlike If You Had The Physical Paper.
    Physical paper documents are not safe from damages and theft. Digital documents stored on a document management system are automatically stored and backed up to a server offsite to ensure the security of your customers’ personal sensitive information such as credit card numbers. If your building is damaged by fire or theft, your electronic documents are safe and can be accessed off-site to ensure business runs smoothly even if there is a disaster.
  3. Document Management Requires A Large Expensive IT Staff. 
    While an IT staff can be very helpful to any business, document management does not require a large, expensive IT staff. When you make the switch to document management, you will be a part of every decision and receive training from our skilled professions to maintain your document management system. If at any time you have question or concerns, the business you have chosen to implement your changes should have a help desk you can contact at any time.
  4. You Won’t See A Return On Your Investment For A Long Time.
    Document management systems replace expensive filing cabinets, large paper purchases and even larger ink and toner budgets. When you decide to take advantage of document management, you will be saving money from the beginning and see a return on your investment almost instantly! Not to mention saving time of your employees when retrieving and filing documents.
  5. Document Management Doesn’t Support The Security Regulations I Need To Follow. 
    Document management systems offer multilevel security features for your documents. Businesses can ensure proper procedures are carried out with a document audit trail, security codes/passwords, document history, and record retention policies. Any changes to the files will be documented with the username and time stamp for easy document audit trails.
Document management systems have proven their worth over and again. More companies are counting on this technology than ever before. Talk to our professionals today to learn how implementing a document management system to your business will support your business needs.  Submit an INSTANT QUOTE above to learn  more!