Fm Audit: A Secure Solution for Printer Monitoring and Management

Fm Audit is a cloud-based application that helps print device dealers, and customers collect critical meter, performance, and supply-level data from multi-function print devices (MFDs) using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) 1. Fm Audit simplifies and streamlines meter collection, billing, supplies, and service delivery, enabling an exceptional customer experience 2.

Advanced Security Features of Fm Audit

Fm Audit offers several security features to protect the data collected from print devices. Some of these features are:

How Fm Audit is Secure for Collecting Counts on the Prints

Fm Audit is secure for collecting counts on the prints because it uses SNMP to communicate with the print devices. SNMP is a network protocol that facilitates the exchange of information between networked devices, extracting data from the management information base (MIB) and the data collection locations within the device 1. SNMP only collects relevant data for print management, such as meter readings, toner levels, error codes, and device attributes. SNMP does not contain any data related to the prints’ content, such as documents, images, or text. Therefore, Fm Audit does not access or store any information that could compromise the privacy or security of the users or their prints 3.

How SNMP v3 Enhances the Security of Fm Audit

SNMP v3 is the latest version of Simple Network Management Protocol, which offers several improvements over the previous versions, such as enhanced security, remote configuration, engine ID, and discovery process. SNMP v3 enhances the security of Fm Audit by using:

  • User-based Security Model (USM): This model provides authentication and encryption for the SNMP messages using various algorithms such as MD5, SHA, DES, 3DES, and AES. USM also allows users to remotely manage the security module using SET commands for the MIB objects.
  • View-based Access Control Model (VACM): This model provides access control for the SNMP messages based on the user name, engine ID, security level, and context name. VACM also allows users to remotely manage the access control module using SET commands for the MIB objects.

Using these models, SNMP v3 ensures that only authorized users can access and modify the data collected by Fm Audit and that the data is protected from unauthorized modification or spoofing attacks.