Why You Should Invest in New Office Equipment

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Are you currently running an office, then you know the relevance of having top quality products that is both reputable and can complete the job.

The consequence of having old, outdated gear is dropped productivity and inefficiency in the workplace.

That is why it is vital for you as an office manager or decision maker to ensure the equipment in your office is up to the specifications of job needs to be performed.

The Key Reasons Why You Require Disaster Recovery

Hardware as well as software catastrophes are the unpleasant attributes of technology that are lurking just around the corner, willing to take your documents and information and flush them down a drain. If your firm does a great deal of business on the web or through the use of technology, it is likely that you've at the very least read about preventive options that save your valuable documents in case there is a failure. If you've stopped to consider how a well-placed catastrophe restoration system can help your company, excellent job.

Get a good look at your data

We have a lot of data that we use in business. How in the world can we begin to use it? Evan Goldberg of Inc. Magazine had a great article on using your information technology to understand your data better. Take a look here. It should help you get some ideas on how to increase your access to your own information. – Corey Smith has fifteen years of document management industry experience and maintains the Master the Business blog.We have a lot of data that we use in business. How in the world can we begin to use it?

It's all about efficiency and productivity

But, what I think I find even more interesting is what was left off the answers. That was, reduced paper in the workplace.
I find that especially interesting because when I talk to people, the most common thing I hear is when I ask people why they want to scan all of their documents is, "I just want to get rid of my file cabinets." I think that it is admirable to get rid of file cabinets. Heaven knows that I would love to see all of our file cabinets go away, but does that really help us?

Key Factors for ECM Project Success

There are so many technologies out there that are incredible, powerful, and just way too complex for any normal human. If it is too difficult to use, end users will not accept the technology, and inefficiency will result. The goal is to make the user interface as simple as possible, but have the necessary complexity behind the scenes to achieve your goals.

The End of the Paper Trail as We Know It


Corey Smith is the Editor in Chief for Office Product News and maintains a business and technology blog.

MFPs in Distributive Scanning


10 Steps to Building an ECM Systems

If you are interested, you should download the 10 Steps PDF here.

HP's New Strategy and Portfolio of Environmental Solutions

Here are some of the key announcements:
HP Eco Highlights  The company’s is debuting new HP Eco Highlights label on two LaserJet printers.  The new label from HP makes it easy for customers to identify HP products with environmental attributes-

HP LaserJet P4015x,
LaserJet P4515x, and
LaserJet P4515xm (the P4515xm is EMEA only) as well as the
HP Deskjet D2545.


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