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What’s color got to do with it?

In today’s competitive business environment, it is critical to get the highest possible return from customer communications like invoices, proposals and marketing materials.
Recent research indicates that using color and graphics in written communication boosts interest, enhances retention, improves comprehension and persuades more easily.

Is your organization wasting 10% of it salary bill searching for information?

A new report by Datamonitor argues that many organizations waste 10% of their staff costs because employees can not find the right information to do their jobs. Over 50% of staff costs are now for employees performing “information work”. But the employees are suffering from both information overload and information underload, and as a result they spend up to 25% of their day searching for the right information. Datamonitor argues that this why some organizations could be frittering away as much as 10% of their staff costs on wasted effort.

You Don’t Have to Change your Software to send Invoices by Email

Has your business upgraded electronic invoices yet?  Send your invoices by email instead of mailing them and get faster delivery, shorter collection times and reduced printing and postage costs.  Best yet, technology exists where you won’t have to change your existing accounting software to send your invoices by email.
Automatically Generate Your Invoices

Ten Things to Know About Data Security

The intellectual property of your business is vital to its continuing success. Therefore, it is important to ensure confidential documents are not susceptible to security breaches. Whether it is a computer virus or a disgruntled former employee, you need to ensure your information is safe from unauthorized viewers. Luckily, with document management systems, it is easy to integrate advanced security features into your current workflows. Electronic Document Management can help protect your documents and increase productivity.

I have that...somewhere.

Nothing is more frustrating then misplacing something and it always seems to happen when you are in a hurry and crunched for time. You remember seeing it somewhere, but now it’s gone! It’s usually in this spot, or worse you have no idea where the lost item may be. To top the stress of missing something, now you have potentually stalled workflow in the office if its a technical dociment for your MFP, printer or copier.The good news is C.A. Reding can actually help with this problem and it’s free!


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