This month on the blog, we’ve been discussing different ways C.A. Reding can help your business go green. We are committed to environmental responsibility by helping our clients reduce power consumption, paper usage, and waste. With managed print servicesdocument management, and multifunctional printers, we will find innovative ways for your company to save money and meet your green goals.

Managed Print Services

Implementing managed print in your business may be the simplest way to make a significant and immediate reduction in paper waste. To save paper and print consumables, you need to know what you regularly use and where you can cut back. C.A. Reding provides detailed reports that can help you cut printing costs by up to 30%. This reduction ultimately means less consumption and less waste.

Document Management

Many businesses struggle to go green simply because they are not taking advantage of new, paperless office solutions. Document management is a powerful tool in a green office. With digital sharing, collaboration, and storing options, your organization will rely on wasteful paper far less.

Multifunction Printers

Reduce your energy consumption by consolidating printers, fax machines, scanners, and copiers into one energy-efficient multifunction printer. With e-copy functions, a multifunctional printer allows you to avoid printing and copying to share documents quickly.

C.A. Reding: The Green Choice

Start your journey toward sustainable business today by calling us. With our Green Office Certification, you can consolidate your organization’s green initiatives into one simple plan.