Small to medium business owners are often experts at cutting costs. In an ever-fluctuating economy, weeding out unnecessary spending is essential. Research shows that many companies have no clear method to track printing costs, and many spend much more than they realize.

The Managed Print Solution

Managed Print Services is one way business owners can uncover hidden expenditures, reducing printing costs by as much as 30% annually.

Gain Visibility

Without visibility into the actual cost of your print environment, there’s no way to reduce spending. Managed Print Services providers are experts at providing the information you need, along with solutions that deliver a measurable difference. Find out:

  • Useful data about your print fleet, including their current workload and useful life expectancy.
  • Print volumes and type of printing, down to the department, device, and even user.
  • Total cost for supplies, replacement parts, and maintenance.
  • Insight into workflow bottlenecks, with suggestions to improve productivity through strategic placement of your devices.

Free Up Your Staff

You probably didn’t put together your talented IT staff so they could spend 25% of their time dealing with paper jams and toner cartridge replacements. Managed Print Services takes these and other duties off their plates, so they have time to concentrate on strategic business objectives.

Cut Costs

Your documents are critical to your daily operations, and you need your printer fleet to perform at its best. When downtimes impact your workflows, costs rise. Managed Print can keep downtimes to a minimum, and help you reduce costs across your organization.

  • Remote monitoring of your printer fleet means issues can be addressed before they have a chance to interrupt your workflows.
  • Regular maintenance of your devices means they’ll last to serve your needs longer.
  • Automatic supply deliveries eliminate your need for large inventories and the associated administrative costs.
  • No more under-the-radar print-related spending.
  • One predictable monthly invoice keeps budgets under control, eliminating surprise expenditures.

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