It’s a common practice to make a list of benefits when change is on the table. A list of advantages can help us decide whether or not to move forward when making a decision. Managed Print is no exception.

A Quick Look at the Benefits

When it comes to Managed Print Services, it’s easy to list the benefits:

  • Reduced printing costs.
  • Proactive device maintenance and repairs.
  • Cost transparency.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Fleet optimization.
  • Guaranteed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplies.

But what if, after listing the benefits, you’re still not ready to decide? Sometimes, listing the risks of not moving forward can help make things a lot clearer.

What If We Don’t Use Managed Print Services?

If you’ve already come to the realization that Managed Print can help your organization save money, you’re in a good position. Many organizations report savings on their total print spend of up to 30% annually. But, beyond the obvious savings, what happens if you don’t use Managed Print Services?

Here are just two of the risks you’re likely to incur:

1. Security Risks

Data breaches are so common these days; it’s become a matter of not if, but when for every one of us. Managed Print can help your organization pinpoint and correct security vulnerabilities with your print infrastructure.

  • Employees report regularly seeing confidential information (salaries, confidential patient data, sensitive correspondence, etc.) on documents left unattended in print trays. Managed Print can help with solutions that prevent documents from releasing until the user is ready to retrieve them.
  • Hackers can breach your networks via your multifunction printers. Managed Print can help you implement state-of-the-art solutions to keep hackers out.

2. Environmental Risks

Managed Print can help your company reach sustainability goals by reducing waste across your organization.

  • Pinpoint and correct excess paper and toner waste.
  • Provide solutions for recycling.
  • Optimize your fleet to reduce energy waste.

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